Hangout with Single Sisters

Hangout with Single Sisters is a Mentorship and Accountability Hub for Unmarried Women run by Bodam Taiwo, with the aim of equipping a generation of women to become secure in their identity and live their very best lives in their respective spheres of influence.

It is a safe space for these ladies to express themselves, bond, grow and fully maximize their single season!  It provides a structure for women to grow and improve in a systemic manner across the different aspects of their lives including spiritually, financially, intellectually, health-wise, career/business, relationships, and personal development.


Hangout with Single Sisters runs in quarterly cycles (12 weeks) and members are onboarded at the start of each cycle.  The Hub runs via the following mediums: Online School, WhatsApp and Emails.  At the end of each quarter, we take a short break to recharge and then we continue in the next cycle.

If you would like to understand more about Hangout with Single Sisters, please click HERE to download the Course Brochure.

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    Hangout With Single Sisters