In 2008, Bodam started receiving a burden to create an atmosphere for the Lord and His daughters to spend some special time together – it was to be one night with the King; a night of intimate encounters, where He would spend uninterrupted time with His daughters, speaking with us, listening to us, moving among us, healing us, giving us instructions, and exchanging our fears and worries with His love, joy, and peace.

On Friday, the 3rd of July 2009, the Ladies Monthly Prayer Session (LMPS) was born with a mandate to bring God’s daughters into deeper fellowship with Him and build a community of praying women who are willing to partner with God to birth a portion of the Father’s heart upon the earth.  The core of the ministry is the monthly prayer sessions that hold on the last Friday of every month.  Women across different countries across the world, come together during different time slots to agree in prayer over our lives, our families, our communities, our churches, and our nations.  It has been a joy, a blessing and such a privilege to witness how God has moved among us in the course of these monthly prayer sessions – we have experienced so many testimonies over the 12 years of this ministry, and we are filled with nothing but gratitude to God for His faithfulness and steadfastness.


In 2020, the Journey to Personal Revival Course was born, which is a 5-week program for those women who are looking for more in their life of prayer and who desire a higher level of sustained intimacy in their relationship with God.  Each cohort has a limited number of women to enable personal contact and follow-up and through the teachings on the Online School, reviews on the small groups, accountability partners, and personal assignments, it is a deliberate journey to developing and deepening our relationship with God.

At the LMPS, Bodam leads God’s daughters to deeper lives of prayer and since 2009, over 400 women across Nigeria, Canada, United Kingdom, the United States, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana and Cameroon among others have come together each month, united in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to pray.  For more information about the Ladies Monthly Prayer Session, please sign up to our mailing list here: