Overr the past 10 years, I have spoken to several ladies across different ages and socio-economic backgrounds.  I spoke to young ladies who were still in secondary school and ladies who were established in their careers; and while many aspects of their lives were different, one thing was the same across these women: they all wanted more out of their lives and needed help unlocking that first step to enable them reach for more.

My Exclusive MasterMind is the avenue through which I directly mentor women in a group setting to become the very-best-version of themselves.  In this community, I help women craft goals that are important to them, create the routines and systems that they need to achieve these goals and provide a level of accountability and regular reviews to ensure they are staying faithful to the commitments they’ve made.

I have experienced the power and exponential progress that comes from explicitly articulating your goals and following through to execution with single-minded laser focus and I want to help you achieve similar successes by providing the guidance and insights you need to evolve into your very best self and accomplish your goals within set-timelines.

How Do You Know If I Am the Right Mentor for You?

The women I work with are usually in one of the below phases in their lives…

–  You feel you may have plateaued and want some inspiration and guidance to help you see there IS a next level and how to get there OR

–  You have a vision or a dream but need help setting SMART goals and need accountability to achieve those goals to completion within a set time-frame OR

–  You want to launch something and need help creating a meaningful, magical experience!

Did you find yourself nodding as you read one or maybe all three sentences?  Great!  The be-You-Ti-Ful MasterMind is for YOU and I am the Mentor for YOU!

It is my heartfelt desire to develop a tribe of purposeful women who are on a journey to hitting their goals and constantly evolving into a higher version of themselves.  Why don’t you go on this journey with me?

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    Be-You-Ti-Ful Mastermind

    Be-You-Ti-Ful Sessions

    The Be-You-Ti-Ful Sessions are 90-minute one-on-one Clarity and Activation sessions for the women who prefer to have a more direct engagement.  Before the session, I will send you some pre-work which you will need to fill and return to me at least 72 hours ahead of your session. This will enable me to fully prepare to give you what you really need when we do sit in a room together.

    As with everything that I do, the aim of these activation sessions is to help women begin to take the steps they need to start evolving into the very best version of themselves.

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      Be-You-Ti-Ful Sessions


      Are you still wondering if my Mentorship could help? Please read what previous clients have said about the Be-You-Ti-Ful MasterMind and my Coaching Services.

      • This coaching program opened my mind to the endless potentials locked within. It has spurred me to dream big, to cast my net into the deep as it were because if I can dream it/see it/visualize it and take deliberate steps to achieving it, I will eventually.
      • A particular one-on-one session was like a charger session. It got me really activated!
      • The coaching helped my mindset a lot. It helped me to reshape my goals and work on them!
      • It was a wonderful program. It forced me to kick start my goals which I had been putting off for a long time!
      • It was an amazing program… In terms of value, it is premium! I think the WhatsApp community was vibrant but also courteous and mature. The reason why we were there was always the focus. I didn’t expect anything different, but I think it is worth pointing out. Again, thank you so, so, so, so much for the opportunity
      • I was able to push 2 of my major goals to completion, which are finalizing with the UK printers and the China manufacturers!
      • I am more convinced that I can achieve ANYTHING I set my mind to.
      • I was able to understand the power in tracking my day and not moving on auto pilot mode!

      These are such amazing success stories, and I know your story would be just as amazing (if not more!).   I would like to invite you to click the link below to join the MasterMind.

        Be-You-Ti-Ful Mastermind