The Esther Curriculum

The Esther Curriculum or TEC as it’s sometimes called are Grooming and Hospitality sessions for women, especially women in Leadership, the Public Sector (including wives of men who are in the public sector and women in ministry (including wives of ministers).

It is a 5 Module Course offered fully online and it teaches women in these sectors how to navigate their responsibilities with ease, so that they can be warm, hospitable, cheerful, compassionate and welcoming while exercising wisdom and maintaining the appropriate boundaries where necessary.

If you would like to understand more about the Esther Curriculum, please click HERE to download the Course Brochure.

Hangout with Single Sisters

More times than I can count, I have met brilliant, visionary women shrinking and holding back from releasing their unique brand of genius upon the earth simply because they are unmarried and sometimes, our society isn’t too kind to single women taking up so much space.  ? Believe me when I say I understand because I’ve walked down that path and I can completely relate.

I carry my single sisters in my heart and I am so passionate about seeing these women live their very best lives and maximize their single season to the utmost and these Hangouts are informal sessions to do precisely that!

I speak to large and small groups of Single Sisters from my heart around a wide range of topics including but not limited to finances, dating, career, faith and discovering, and walking in purpose.

HWSS is a safe space for unmarried women to share, bond and grow together.  It is a subscription based accountability group that offers monthly teachings, private replays of sessions, Guest mentorship, book reviews, and quarterly hangouts (physically if situation permits).

Be-You-Ti-Ful Sessions

After I moved back to Nigeria in 2011, I went on a personal journey to breaking free of the mold we tend to be put in as African women and to truly discovering and loving myself. While on this journey, I started being invited to speak to different communities of women (and men in some occasions); the audience differed from small groups of friends to career women to stay-home mums and businesswomen. I spoke to young ladies who were still in secondary school and ladies who were established in their careers; and while many aspects of their lives were different, one thing was the same across these women: they all wanted more out of their lives and needed help unlocking that first step to enable them reach for more.

The Be-You-Ti-Ful Sessions were borne from these conversations. They are intimate conversations I have with smaller groups of women, either physically or virtually, across a wide of topics including, but not limited to, identity, temperaments, metamorphosis and the evolution process, faith, understanding and maximizing the seasons that you are in.

As with everything that I do, the aim of these activation sessions is to help women begin to take the steps they need to start evolving into the very best version of themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re called to the areas of Government, Ministry, Education, Business & Commerce, Entertainment, media or Social Reformation, you need to have concrete goals that you are working towards and a way that you are constantly growing as a woman so that you can become the very best version of yourself

Be-You-Ti-Ful Mastermind

I have experienced the power and exponential progress that comes from explicitly articulating your goals and following through with single-minded laser focus and I want to help you achieve similar successes by providing the guidance and insights you need to help you become a better version of yourself and accomplish your goals in the shortest possible time.

The Mastermind also provides you with a push as you will have the opportunity to ride on the waves of my energy cycles and my natural gifts of being a planner and a visionary woman to drive you beyond your natural energy levels and help you overcome obstacles.

It is my heartfelt desire to develop a tribe of purposeful women who are also on a journey to smashing their goals and constantly evolving into a higher version of themselves.

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    Be-You-Ti-Ful Mastermind